Sustainability Lab

About the Sustainability Lab

We are a Lab with a vison and a mission

Our vision is a world in which people and planet thrive while achieving their full potentials. Our mission is to investigate digital artefacts, their ecosystems, and the practices that they shape, and how design can make these more sustainable.

Provide an inspiring lab environment to students

Students are more and more interested in making a difference when it comes to caring for people and planet. The Lab is a meeting place for discussing and implementing student projects focusing on sustainability.

Critical inquiry into existing knowledges and practices

How do existing knowledges and practices help and hinder the transition to more sustainable futures? We take inspiration from Doughnut Economics, the Planetary Boundaries framework, and the Sustainable Development Goals to explore more equitable ways of knowing and doing the design and development of technologies.

Adapt and develop methodologies and methods

The Lab enables further exploration of methodologies and methods that guide the transition to more sustainable futures. We need to extend our research approaches by including ecological, social, and cultural considerations into our research practices.

Collaborate across disciplines and projects

Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and partnerships are key to solving the complex problems we see today. The Lab will be a place for collaboration across disciplinary silos.

Organise workshops and seminars

The Lab will actively be involved in organsing events, alone and with partners, to inspire and guide sustainability-oriented research.