Prof. Maja van der Velden

Lab director

Maja's research interest is the design and use of digitalisation technologies and the practices and impacts they help shape. Informed by systems thinking and regenerative thinking, she investigates topics such as repair, energy, and digitalisation. She leads the Circular Energy project and is deputy-leader of the Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models project.

Ines Junge

PhD candidate

Ines' main research interest is how sustainability works as the world's new design brief. Educated as an Industrial Design Engineer and equipped with previous experience as research assistant in technology transfer & innovation, her PhD project takes up sustainability as default in designing ICT, particularly the mobile phone ('From Designed Obsolescence to Sustainable Technology Design').

Svein Kjøde

PhD candidate

Svein's main research interest is the role of design as a catalyst for transformation of businesses and societies to more sustainable futures. This includes systems perspectives when facilitating for complex, multi-stakeholder strategic processes, but also rethinking of business models and mental models. He has practiced design in some form for 16 years in creative agencies, companies and education as well as entrepreneurial projects.

Dr. Tigist Fetene Adane

Postdoctoral researcher

Tigist’s research interest is in circular energy - exploring digitalization in the broader context of the shift to a circular economy. Her focus is on the design, maintenance, and repair of digital products as energy conservation strategies. This includes developing circular energy analysis methods for energy efficiency improvement techniques and enhanced sustainability in production systems.

Dr. Andrea Gasparini

Senior Lecturer II

Besides supervising master students and working in the Circular Energy project, Andrea works as a Senior Academic Librarian at the Library of the University of Oslo.