Ines Junge

PhD candidate
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Room OJD-PhD room, 6th floor

Academic interests

Sustainability · Design · Obsolescence · Mobile phones · Modularity · Precious Plastics · Proto-practices · Transitions · Product-service-systems (PSS) · Futuring · Prototyping · Business modelling · SDG #12: Responsible consumption and production · Desirable futures · Responsible innovation · Affordances · Intuitive interaction · Design thinking · Systems thinking · Wicked problems · Zero waste · Plus energy systems · and more...


In research, working with:

PhD project: From Designed Obsolescence to Sustainable Technology Design


In the S&D Lab, working with:

  • Interior/setting up our new, inspiring work environment and vision of the S&D Lab
  • Willing to contribute to further education within the core topics Creativity/Design and Sustainability (for those interested at IFI/UiO)
  • A themed library/digital bookshelf in the overlap of Sustainability and Design

  • Set-up and test the upcoming machinery for the small-scale recycling of  'precious plastics' (in 2021)


In teaching:

Course responsible for IN2020 Research Methods in Interaction Design/HCI (Bachelor), autumn 2018, 2019, and 2020



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  • Junge, Ines (2019). (in Press). Modularity as One Principle in Sustainable Technology Design - A Design Case Study on ICT. PLATE Product Lifetimes And The Environment 2019 – Conference Proceedings. N.F. Nissen and M. Jaeger-Erben (Eds.). TU Berlin University Press. ISBN 978-3-7983-3124-2 (print), ISBN 978-3-7983-3125-9 (online).

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