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Circular Energy

Circular Energy for  a Sustainable Circular Economy is a thematic research group (2021 - 2023) funded by UiO:Energy. It aims to contribute to new knowledge about social and legal aspects of sustainable energy solutions in relation to the expanding role of digital products and services in our economy. The research group will explore digitalisation in the context of the shift to Circular Economy (CE), with a particular focus on design, maintenance, and repair as energy conservation strategies and the regulation of products for sustainability.


Repair and Conserve is our 2021 summer project. Funded by UiO:Energy, three UiO master students will investigates the role of independent repair in energy conservation. The students will interview independent repairers and community repairers in Oslo. Based on their research we will develop an electronics repair map of Oslo.

Maintenance and repair as energy conservation strategies forms the heart of Circular Energy. It consists of a qualitative and quantitative investigation into the design, maintenance, and repair of digital devices and a review of Norwegian and EU regulation on product design, repair, and electronic waste, and review proposals to reform current regulation.

Sustainable Digitalisation is a project in which we look at the energy politics of digitalisation. Solar-powered websites, green data centres, AI for sustainability .... facts of fiction?

Prof. Maja van der Velden
Project leader, Dept. of Informatics

Prof. Beate Sjåfjell
Dept. of Private Law

Dr. Carl Dalhammer
IIIEE, University of Lund

Prof. Alma Culén
Dept. of Informatics

Live Rasmussen
Science Library

Nick Stevens
Dept. of Informatics

Dr. Eléonore Maitre-Ekern
Dept. of Private Law

Brita Slettemark
Climate House

Eleanor Johnson
Dept. of Informatics