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Post-Doc project in Industrial Ecology

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Mapping the twin transition is a small research project during the summer of 2022. Funded by the UiO:Energy programme,  master students Hannah Sophie Kaase, Guro Røstad and Aslak Burheim Sommervold, with the help of supervisors Maja van der Velden and Andrea Alessandro Gasparini, will design and develop an interactive online map that visualises existing, planned, and proposed electrification and digitalisation projects in Norway. Mapping these projects will visualise the geographical clustering of projects as well as their environmental impacts in a municipality or region.


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Repair & Conserve was a small research project implemented during the summer of 2021. Three master students, funded by the UiO:Energy programme, Hanna Vandeskog, Lorena Schwab, and Debby Wanja, and their three supervisor-collaborators, Eléonore Maitre-Ekern, Christian Medaas, and Maja van der Velden, jumped on their bikes and criss-crossed Oslo, looking for small independent electronics repair shops. The ongoing corona situation didn't make things always easy, but the three students were able to implement 27 interviews with different repair shops.