Futuring Nordics


Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models


Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models, Futuring Nordics for short, is a thematic research group financed by UiO:Norden. The group consists of researchers from the Department of Private Law (IPL) and the Department of Informatics (IFI) at the University of Oslo.

Designerly Approaches to Sustainability Oriented Innovation is a project by PhD candidate Svein Kjøde, investigating how designerly approaches to Sustainability Oriented Innovation (SOI) can support businesses and societies transition towards better futures.

Repair and Sustainable Business Models is a project in which we look at the opportunities and hindrances of making repair central to sustainable business models. Our focus is on the electronics sector.The project is led by Maja van der Velden (IFI) and Eléonore Maitre-Ekern (IPL).

Futuring for Sustainability explores and design tools (workshops, business models) to support businesses in their transition to a sustainable business models, using Transition Design and designerly approaches.

Participants from the Dept. of Informatics

Prof. Maja van der Velden
Deputy project leader

Ines Junge
PhD candidate

Svein Kjøde
PhD candidate

Dr. Yangyang Zhao