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Precious Plastic


The Sustainability Lab has joined the Precious Plastic Universe, the worldwide movement of plastic recyclers, re-shapers, and re-users. We had ordered our Precious Plastic machine, which is a MultiMeltMachine, incorporating three machines: a shredder, an injector, and an extruder, from Andy Middleton, Tenerife/Spain. The machine has arrived late December 2021 and we are very much looking forward to using it and having visitors over for some local-circularity events at Ifi and UiO in 2022!

More information about Precious Plastic can be found here. If you want to get involved in our Precious Plastic project, feel free to contact Ines Junge.

The extruder by Precious Plastic Canaries (photo Precious Plastic Canaries).


Sneak preview to shredding


Ines' visit @Kunststoffschmiede in Dresden, Germany

video (injection moulding)

Precious Plastic participants

Prof. Maja van der Velden
Project leader

(Krister Borge
former Principal engineer)


Ines Junge
PhD candidate

Harald Maartmann-Moe
PhD candidate