Sustainability and Design (SD)

tree design

The Sustainability & Design Lab aims to contribute to a safe and just space for all of humanity, now and in the future, within planetary boundaries. We do that through a focus on the role of design in the social and ecological sustainability of digital artefacts and the practices that they shape.

The Lab envisons to be a workplace and meeting space for students and faculty at IFI and the wider UiO community that wish to contribute to strengthening sustainable human modes of planetary habitation.

The Lab actively contributes to the transition to more sustainable futures, informed by design thinking, transition design, and critical systems thinking.

What we do

  • Provide an inspiring lab environment to students and faculty
  • Critical inquiry into existing knowledges and practices
  • Adapt and develop methodologies and methods
  • Collaborate across disciplines and projects
  • Organise workshops and seminars


collection of discarded electronics

Celebrating the launch of Circular Energy

May 1 marks the launch of The Sustainability & Design Lab’s Circular Energy project!