Futuring Nordics

northern lights

Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models is a thematic research group financed by UiO:Nordic investigating the transition to sustainable business models with different stakeholders in the Nordics.

Circular Energy

Circular Energy for a Sustainable Circular Economy is a thematic research group financed by UiO:Energy, investigating the  role of design, maintenance, and repair in energy conservation in digitalisation technologies.


Bicycle batteryEmpower: Sustainable Batteries in Mobility - (Em)powering a Net-zero Energy Transition investigates the role of electric vehicle (EV) batteries in enabling a sustainable net-zero energy transition in Norway. This is an interdisciplinary research project with a strong educational component.

Sustainable AI

ai imageInformed by scholarship on social sustainability and the SDGs, Sustainable AI investigates how AI is implemented in the public sector, how this shapes its processes and services, and how these are experienced by the general public.

Precious Plastic

plastic bags folded to spell plastic

Precious Plastic is about recycling and upcycling plastic waste. The Lab's plastics shredder, melter, and moulder uses waste from 3D-printers and other types of plastic sources produced at the University of Oslo.

PhD & Post-doc projects

From Designed Obsolescence to Sustainable Technology Design

Against obsolescence, the premature end-of-use of ICT e.g. the mobile phone, we need to synthesize alternative scenarios - or proto-practices - and develop designe(e)rs' sense of both desirable futures, responsible technology as well as the affordances and regulatory power of the designed.

Designerly Approaches to Sustainability Oriented Innovation

Innovation is an essential capacity when addressing complex, global challenges of our time. This project investigates how designerly approaches to Sustainability Oriented Innovation (SOI) can support businesses and societies transition towards better futures.

Maintenance and Repair as Energy Conservation

In a circular economy, the value of products is maintained in circulation for longer possible by extending their useful lives. This project investigates the repair and maintenance of digital products (e.g., laptops, servers, etc.) as energy conservation strategy under a circular energy paradigm.

Previous projects


In SMART we studied what prevents and promotes sustainability, defined as securing the social foundation for humanity everywhere, now and in the future, within planetary boundaries

Conserve & Consume

Our objective was to design sustainable consumption services in ways that fulfil the desires of the great majority of consumers by the help of technology, mobile/handheld devices and social media.